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Board Members

President – Hansi Glahn

Vice President – Carolyn Stiles

Secretary – Linda Gilbert

Treasurer – Mary Malan


Community Service Program Committees
are comprised of six areas or departments.
Each department is responsible for presenting one program during the year. An extra meeting may be arranged for those especially interested in the topic, providing further information, a training/workshop, and opportunities to volunteer in the community or support a specific project through a program year.

Community Service Programming – Strengthening families and communities by creating a better quality of life for all and providing resources to identify and address needs, particularly those related to wellness of women, children, the disabled and the elderly; hunger; housing and homelessness and creating projects for success and positive change in our community and other Woman's Clubs in the area..
Committee Members Needed - Email the President for more info!

Arts – Involved in planning events for artists through the Womens Caucus for Art New Hampshire.

Chair:Brenda Wilbert

Conservation – Plans and facilitates informational presentations and projects relating to issues such as: beautification, conservation of natural resources, energy use, global warming, local parks and recreation, solid waste issues, water resources…
Chair: Hilary Thomson - Conservation@WCCNH.com

Education – Focuses on what is happening with public schools, charter schools, home schooling, book review/discussions, computer skills, drivers’ education, literacy, libraries, lifelong learning, math clubs, reading programs, workshops, scholarships…
Chair: Linda Graham - Education@WCCNH.com

International Affairs– Focuses on world-wide issues that affect us locally and globally: child labor, child survival, cultural exchange, the Heifer Project, refugees, United Nations Programs, world hunger…
Chair: Barbara Ruedig - Internationalaffairs@WCCNH.com

Public Relations/Communications – Writes & distributes Press Releases to local and national media outlets; creates and publishes monthly newsletters and announcements for all club events and projects; maintains and posts on the club’s social media accounts; collects and updates information for the club's website...
Deborah de Peyster - Communications@WCCNH.com

House Committee – Oversees the maintenance, upkeep and improvements to Chamberlin House, handles relations with house and garage rental tenants, and coordinates the scheduling of event rentals by outside groups.
Chair: Hansi Glahn -EventRentalsAndParking@WCCNH.com

House Photographer–Takes pictures and/or video's at each WCC Event and posts to all Social Media and Print outlets.
Chair: Deborah de Peyster and Barbara Ruedig - HousePhotographer@WCCNH.com

Fundraising Committee – Plans and organizes events to raise funds for the maintenance of Chamberlin House and Woman’s Club of Concord Programs. Recruits and coordinates volunteers and tasks related to fundraising efforts.
Committee Members Needed - Email the President for more info!

Membership – Facilitates communications with current and prospective members; welcomes and incorporates new members into the club, updates the website membership directory and application forms, plans and implements the annual Membership Drive and Collection of Dues.
Chair: Christy Bartlett - Membership@WCCNH.com

Steering Committee – Plans & coordinates the “First Friday” monthly social, networking events and other social functions.
Committee Members Needed - Email the President for more info!

Scholarships Committee – Reviews Woman’s Club of Concord Annual Scholarship applications, interviews applicants, chooses the recipient of the award and presents it at the Annual Meeting.
This committee also updates scholarship applications and forms, and related website information.
Chair: Carole Palmer and Linda Gilbert - Scholarships@WCCNH.com

White Park Liason – The White Park Liaison assist's the WCC in strengthening its ties to the community. The Liaison coordinates efforts between the WCC and the Park throughout the year and various other community activities.
Chairs: Janet Levy - WhiteParkLiason@WCCNH.com