Club Contacts

The Woman’s Club of Concord has been fortunate to have a wonderful, devoted executive team of the board, energetic board members and a wide variety of interesting members. Shown above are three former Presidents of the Board, (l. to r.) Linda Graham, Barbara Ruedig, and Hansi Glahn. All three remain active as board members today.

Board Executive Team

CO-Presidents–Linda Gilbert and Elaine Bello

Secretary – Carolyn Stiles

Treasurer – Betsy Black

Club Committees

Members are encouraged to volunteer to help keep the Club running by joining a committee or to help out in one of the program areas. Join our fall raking day, or help decorate the House for Christmas. Are you a writer? Join our grants committee. Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and help our community.  Contact the chair of the committees below and see how you can help!

Communications — Keeps the community and membership up to date on the Woman’s Club of Concord’s activities. Updates the Facebook page, creates and sends out monthly electronics newsletter using MailChimp. Lots of opportunities to volunteer for one of these activities while learning how the technology works.
Chair: Deborah de Peyster

House Committee — Oversees the maintenance, upkeep, and improvements to Chamberlin House handles relations with the house and garage rental tenants and coordinates the schedule of event rentals by outside groups.
Contact Chair: Hansi Glahn, Marge Pugliese, Janet Levy

Membership — Facilitates communications with current and prospective members; welcomes and incorporates new members into the Club updates the membership directory, and application forms, plans, and implements the annual membership drive and Collection of Dues.
Chair: Christy Dolat Bartlett

Scholarship Committee — Reviews Woman’s Club of Concord Annual Scholarship applications, interviews applicants, chooses the recipient of the award and presents it at the Annual Meeting.
Chair: Denise Bolduc

Capital Improvements — Oversees the Land and Community Investment Program (LCHIP) grants and application process, looks for other grant opportunities.
Chair: Nadine Peterson, Deborah de Peyster

Board Members 2020

Christy Dolat Bartlett, Concord
Elaine Bello, Penacook
Betsy Black, Concord
Linda Gilbert, Concord
Hansi Glahn, Concord
Linda Graham, Concord
Mary Malan, Concord
Nadine Peterson, Concord
Barb Ruedig, Concord
Carolyn Stiles, Penacook

Woman’s Club of Concord
Chamberlin House
44 Pleasant St.
Concord NH 03301