WOW!  What an Effort!  We had a “stretch” goal of $12,000 and we came so close finishing last night at $11,679.49 and 97.3% to Goal!! Thank you to all who participated!
We hope everyone enjoyed this Auction. Lots of holiday shopping and, maybe, some bonus gifts for ourselves. But everyone should feel good about how these funds will be used toward making access to Chamberlin House available to all.
To do this we are facing expensive renovations to the first floor entrances to the building and modifications to include an accessible restroom. This goal is ongoing and will take several years to complete. In addition, this money will allow us to add storm windows to the attic windows recently reglazed to weather-proof for another 100 years in our historic building!
These renovations to Chamberlin House roof are so important not only because the Club hosts regular meetings there and rents out space, but because Chamberlin House is home to three women in transition. These women pay sub-market rents and make Chamberlin House a very special place for all of us.
So thank you from the WCCNH Board of Directors for supporting our mission to make Chamberlin House a welcoming and safe haven for those who live there and for all who wish to enjoy all of our meetings and activities.
Some of the items from this fun auction below: