2022 Auction Reaching Up and Out

We are pleased to announce the Woman’s Club of Concord’s 3rd Annual Auction — Reaching Up and Out—beginning Saturday, Oct. 1 through Friday, Oct. 14.
But for an early Sneak Peek click here: https://www.32auctions.com/wccnh2022
Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help pay for repairs to the roof our of historic Chamberlin House which houses three women in transition at greatly reduced market rates.  The “Reaching Up”, repairs to the leaking roof are critical to providing safe housing and a place to continue offering community programming.
The reaching “Out” part of our auction is to provide money to conduct an important expanded access study which will lead to making Chamberlin House accessible to all who wish to attend events. Improving access to this historic building is not easy but it has been a goal we have hoped to achieve for quite some time. Money raised in this auction will formally launch our efforts toward this goal.
We hope everyone will participate in this action at some level. The money goes directly to these two important initiatives. 
  • Beginning the week of Monday, September  26, you’ll be able to go online and preview the offerings.
  • We’ll have a live viewing of the items at Chamberlin House on First Friday, October 7 with refreshments, of course. 
  • The live online auction dates are Oct 1-14.   We want to temp you so you’ll be ready to bid high and often on October 1.

We have more than 100 items for this auction including:

  • special experiences such as an historic tour of Squam Lake’s views
  •  a vegetarian Indian dinner cooked for you and three friends and served at your home
  • six live lobsters delivered to your home fresh from the sea
  • a stunning 100% cotton, handmade quilt 73″ X 83″
  •  a 6 X9 Ivory Kerman design wool rug
  • a solid silver stars and moons bracelet
  • golf for four with carts at Concord Country Club
  • an acrylic painting of your dog from a photo by Monique Pride
  • an original watercolor of flowers by Mary Ruedig.

Items will appear frequently on our Facebook page too.