2023 Scholarship winners

The Woman’s Club of Concord, a 501c3 charitable organization, empowers women to enhance lives and community. Our members enjoy developing new friendships, contributing through volunteer opportunities, exploring current public issues, offering college scholarships to high school girls, and awarding Opportunity Grants to women in pursuit of self-sufficiency through higher education or specialized training. The Woman’s Club of Concord strives to carry on its mission as a positive influence in our community.

Enjoying music by our new community members from Bhutan.

We support a high school scholarship program for girls and a grant program for women who need a helping hand to become more self-sufficient: We offer High School Scholarships of $2,000 to applicants from Concord High School and Merrimack Valley High School, and we run the Opportunity Fund, a grant program for up to $1,5000 to give a boost in education/training to help women become more self-sufficient. In particular, we provide women in the prison,  who are about to leave, with testing and certification costs in cosmetology. 

As a public service to our community, we run monthly programs around our core interests: Community Service, The Arts, Education, Conservation, International Affairs. 

Members and the public are always invited to attend these events. On the first Friday of the month, we host a social gathering at the Club called First Friday for members and their guests to meet others and share ideas, contacts, concerns and just fun conversation.

Our Historic Home: Chamberlin House

Chamberlin House today
Chamberlin House today: home of the Woman’s Club of Concord.

The Woman’s Club of Concord was founded in 1893 by Mrs. Lilian Carpenter Streeter. In 1894, WCC was one of the first local clubs to join the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Horace E. and Nellie Chamberlin built a Queen Anne Shingle Style home at 44 Pleasant Street from mail order plans in 1886. Nellie Chamberlin bequeathed Chamberlin House to the Woman’s Club of Concord in 1919. Maintained by the Woman’s Club of Concord, it serves as club house and a home for women – literally and figuratively – ever since.

In 1982 Chamberlin House was added to the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Woman’s Club is a Member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), the New Hampshire General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC-NH) since 1894 and the Concord Chamber of Commerce.