What We Do

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Community Service Program Committees

We hope that all of our members are interested in participating in one of the five program areas run by board members. You may become involved or attend a program in one or all of the areas. We have provided contacts for each area in the hope that you might contact the chair and get involved. If you have an idea to share, we are happy to hear it!

Each of the five program areas is responsible for presenting one program during the year. An extra meeting may be arranged for those especially interested in the topic, providing further information, a training/workshop and opportunities to volunteer in the community or support a specific project through a program year.

Community Service —Strengthening families and communities by creating a better quality of life for all and providing resources to identify and address needs, particularly those related to wellness of women, children, the disabled and the elderly; hunger;  housing and homelessness; and creating projects for success and positive change in our community.
Chair: Linda Graham

Arts — Involved in planning events for artists through the Women’s Caucus for Art New Hampshire. If you would like to represent the Women’s Caucus for the Arts New Hampshire on our board, please contact us at: womanofconcord@gmail.com

Conservation —Plans presentations and projects relating to issues such as: beautification, conservation of natural resources, energy use, global warming, local parks and recreation, solid waste issues, water resources, and outdoor experiences such as hikes.
Chair — Linda Graham

Education — Focuses on what is happening with public schools, charter schools, homeschooling; book review/discussion; computer skills; literacy; libraries; scholarships. The annual high school scholarship is also managed by this committee.
Chair: Carolyn Stiles

International Affairs — Focuses on world-wide issues that affect us locally and globally: child labor, child survival, cultural exchange, immigration. Past programs have included a talk by a local doctor about his experience volunteering in Rwanda; a local member of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s experience in Ethiopia and Tanzania meeting with entrepreneurs, capitalists, farmers, and children; and a discussion closer to home about the challenges faced by refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire.
Chair — Barbara Ruedig