Ways To Give

Scholarship recipients from 2017. At far left is board member Carolyn Stiles and in center is board member Hansi Glahn.

We invite you to support the work of the Woman’s Club, a 501c3 charitable organization,  by making a donation in any amount.

A GENERAL GIFT:  You may make a general donation that will be used to help run Chamberlin House and offer a home to as many as four women in need. If your gift is for something special such as to honor a deceased member of the Club, please make a note of that in the comments section. 


SUPPORT SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: You may make a gift to support our annual scholarship program where each May we award scholarships to from 1 to 4 high school girls after an application process and interview. They each receive a minimum of $1,000 to help defray the costs of attending the college or institution of higher learning of their choice. *We raise money for this program during our Annual St. Paddy’s Day Party.

Make sure to note in the comments section that your gift is a scholarship donation.

BECOME A MEMBER: You can become a member. A one-year membership is $50 ($52 if paying online below) which supports the Club and House.

Any gift you make will be used wisely and go directly to the cause you intend. We have no paid employees or deductions taken from your gift.

(If you pay by PayPal online, that service takes a small percent of your gift toward running its site. It does not go to us. You may also just send a check directly to: The Woman’s Club of Concord, 44 Pleasant St., Concord, NH 03301 ATTN: Treasurer. )

Thank you for whatever gift you make and for supporting the work of the Woman’s Club of Concord.