Ways To Participate

Select an area of interest and contact the lead person

Help at an event:

• coordinate food for all events or a specific event
• greet members as they arrive for an event
• set up for a First Friday or another event
• help at the St. Paddy’s Day Dinner/fund raiser
• help at the yard sale
• conduct a fund raiser
• clean up after a First Friday or another event

Linda Gilbert
VicePresident@wccnh.com if you would like to do any of these:


Topics addressed by the Club and the person to contact if this is an area of interest for you:

Community Service–Purpose is to encourage club member participation in community service efforts.
Linda Graham

Membership – Membership stewardship which includes membership drives, providing application materials, name tags, etc.
Sharon Monroe

Publicity & Communications – Updates Facebook, creates and disseminates the newsletter using Mailchimp, creates, prepares and submits press releases and publicity for events.
Deborah de Peyster

Conservation – The purpose of this committee is to encourage awareness of natural resources and care for the world around us.
Linda Graham

Scholarship committee –The purpose of this committee is to annually select one or more high school girls to receive WCC scholarships.  
Carolyn Stiles

Public /International Affairs – Purpose is to promote awareness of what is happening in other parts of the world.
Barbara Ruedig

The Arts – Support and promote arts activities in the community.

Maintaining the House – Opportunities include helping to maintain the Chamberlin House from making sure that there are paper supplies to painting and refreshing rooms, raking the lawn, etc. 
Hansi Glahn

Grants Team – The way we maintain the physical structure of the house is by obtaining grants to fund major repair, house painting, etc. Please volunteer here if you have strong professional writing skills and would like to put them to good use supporting our important work in the community.
Nadine Peterson